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Expert Malaysia SEO Agency Services for Page 1 Rankings on Google

Why is my website not getting any clicks?

Create relevant and captivating content, make your website responsive and fast-loading, then do proper SEO and  you will soon see your business growing with double digits.

So you have a business, or maybe you just started one. You had a website made. Great! And then…. nothing happens. Nothing at all. No visitors, no sales leads, no contact requests. Does this sound familiar? If so, please read on.

The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google

The problem with your online presence, or rather, absence, has one Major Cause: NO Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Only professional SEO will get your website on Google page #1, on the keywords that you have chosen to get there and be found by customers, helping you to grow your Business.
Another cause might be that your website loads too slow. Research has shown that over 80% of visitors click away if they have to wait more than 3 seconds. Not only do your website visitors penalize you, but so does Google. Google uses “user experience” as a ranking factor, and slow loading sites will get lower Google rankings . You can request a FREE Page speed analysis HERE

If your website isn’t “responsive”, – meaning it doesn’t adapt to various mobile devices screen sizes -, you are missing out on 60% (and growing every year) of potential “mobile” website hits. To make things even worse, Google is now lowering the rankings of non-responsive websites.

Rather than having to fetch your leads yourself, Quality SEO can bring the leads to your doorstep automatically.

Do I really need SEO?

As a general rule, we can tell you that Malaysian Businesses, that depend on their website to generate business are most in need of professional Search Engine Optimization. Just because quality SEO works, generates free Organic Google Traffic to your website and helps you to grow your business. One word of caution; if your company is really small and facing cash-flow problems, SEO might be too expensive in the short term. In that case you could try using Google Adwords instead.

Consider engaging an SEO Agency to grow your rankings and business on Google

Probably not in need (yet) for SEO or Digital Marketing services in Malaysia

If you have an established and successful business, based on a carefully built loyal customer-base, giving you repeat-business, and with an effective sales-force to find new customers, you don’t need to worry yet. If you are happy with your current business volume and margins, you can click away from this site now if you want, and come back only if you see your business volume dropping. If you wish to save costs on your sales-force however,  you should keep reading.

Yes. You need SEO to grow your business. Contact Google Page Rank 1 SEO Malaysia today

Definitely in need of SEO and maybe other Digital Marketing services in Malaysia

If you have some of the things mentioned before, and a website that is not generating enough traffic or online enquiries, you will profit a lot from quality Search Engine Optimization and of carefully selected Digital Marketing campaigns.

You really need professional SEO for better Google Rankings in Malaysia today

Seriously in need of SEO and maybe other Digital Marketing services in Malaysia

If you have a business and a website and nearly none of the assets mentioned before, please keep browsing, because this is where SEO and Digital Marketing (even with a low budget) can help you grow your business substantially within 6 to 8 months. You can ask for a FREE SEO scan HERE

Our company, Google Page Rank 1 SEO, has helped medium-sized and large companies to move from online invisibility  to Page 1 of Google’s search results.
We didn’t get there by strictly following a “SEO by the book approach”, but by daily manual work, 6 days a week, something that not many SEO agencies in Malaysia are willing to do. We keep on working on your SEO, until your website gets Page 1 rankings on Google for your most relevant key-phrases.