Website loading speed: you have only 3 seconds

Slow page loading speed is often called  “The Silent Sales Killer”.  We have seen many cases where this proved to be true…

Why is Website loading speed so important?

Nobody likes a slow website. Not only you, but Google doesn’t either.

Do you really wait 10 seconds for a website to load? Probably not.
Google claims that 80% of people who click on a search result will click away after more than 3 seconds of waiting.

Just so you know: not only your potential clients care about loading speed, but so does Google: Page-speed has become an important ranking factor since June 2018, because Google wishes to give not only the best information, but also the best “User Experience” on its Page 1 search results.  If your pages load very slow, Google might not “index” your pages at all, which will make your website invisible in Google search results.
So you should care about your website’s page loading speed too!

There are a few tools available on the web, that are the most widely used page speed test / web speed tests in the world.
You might want to check your own website with these. The tests will open up in a new window.

Currently we’re only able to drastically improve your site loading speed if your website is made using WordPress

On old “static html” sites, or websites that have been made with other Content Management Systems, there’s not much we can do.

If you did test your page speed and think it needs improvement, you can request a price quotation in the next form. We will let you know what are the possibilities for improvement and what are the costs of the “operation”

If you’re not comfortable yet with requesting a quotation, you can also just ask for the “FREE Speed Scan

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