My SEO Services for WordPress Websites

Comprehensive WordPress Website SEO Services

My SEO Services for WordPress Websites will satisfy the needs of nearly every company that has a WordPress website and wishes to rank on Page 1 of Google.

It will ensure your online visibility and organic search hits for your most important key-phrases pertaining to your business. If your website is not made in WordPress yet, I can include a quote for a conversion of your current site to WordPress from one of my trusted Web-design partners.

By doing this, I can make sure your website meets the most important Google Ranking Criteria:

Professional SEO offered by our Expert at Google Page Rank 1 SEO

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly design

How to improve your Google Rankings using SEO

Properly authored, informative and SEO optimized content

Search Engine Optimisation Expert Malaysia

Fast Page loading speed.
Good “Core Web Vitals” Scores

Quality Backlinks are important for your Google rankings

A well-structured, SEO Friendly, “Silo design” for your website

Best rated SEO company in Malaysia

Perfectly implemented “On-Page SEO” complying with Google’s guidelines.

WordPress is the most widely used, most flexible and most SEO friendly Content Management System Worldwide

Unfortunately, I can’t do SEO for every business. Please read the Exceptions Here

My Approach to Your SEO – based on WordPress

SEO, Keyword & Competitor Analysis
Max. 5 days (Free of charge)

  1. I will set up a meeting with you, in order to get a good grasp of the nature of your business, your Unique Selling Points, your competitors and to understand with which key-phrases or search terms you wish to be found on Google page 1.
  2. I will send you a quotation for my work, including an SEO-assessment:
    • The current status of your website and your SEO
    • The online visibility of your Unique Selling Points
    • An analysis of your preferred search terms in terms of search volume and on-line competition
    • An analysis of the amount of on-line competition your business has in general
    • A refined list of target key-phrases
    • Your current Google rankings on these key-phrases
  3. If you accept the quotation and give me access to your server and your WordPress back-end, we’ll enter the next phase.

Full on-page SEO, 100% Responsiveness & Fast Page Loading Speed – 4-6 weeks

  1. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet, I will create one for you.
  2. I will also set up your “Google Search Console” account, which is needed to submit your website to Google Index and to monitor the progress of your rankings on Google.
  3. I will probably have to make a few changes to your web-server’s configuration in order to improve site loading speed.
  4. I’ll install WordPress plug-ins on your website for best SEO results and fastest page-loading speed.
  5. I will work on every aspect of your website that can improve visibility and increase incoming leads.

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