What is the price of your SEO Services?

Well, that depends because all my quotations are tailor-made to the needs of your Business and the current state of your website.
After performing an in-depth SEO Analysis, I can quote you a price and proposed project duration.
I don’t offer any standard SEO Packages.

Note: There’s never a lock-in; you can terminate my services anytime.
Also, I always include a 2-3 months “Grace SEO Period” at the end of the project Free of Charge.

I will first analyse:

  1. The current state of your website:
    • Is your content well-written, useful and informative?
    • Is your website SEO Friendly?
    • Is your website “responsive” – does it display well on mobile phones and tablets?
    • Does it load fast enough so people won’t click away from it?
  2. Compile a list of potentially traffic-driving Keywords for your products or services.
  3. The amount of online competition you currently have on Google.
  4. Your current rankings on Google based on my extensive keyword research.

What Return on Investment or ROI can you expect from professional Search Engine Optimization?

If you need your Website for your sales and/or leads, then this is an easy question to answer: The financial returns on the cost of proper SEO are significant.

Your potential customers are searching for something they need, and they find your Website on Page 1, right below the Google Ads.  You got on that position through quality SEO and because your website is fast loading, mobile-friendly and provides relevant and useful information. So expect people to call or WhatsApp your office or fill out the “Contact” form.

Make sure you have a back-office in place to handle the calls and Apps and follow up on the “Contact” requests.

If your Sales depends on your Website’s traffic, then always go for professional SEO. The Return on Investment is excellent.
The penalties for cheap SEO practices can force you to shut down your website.