For which Businesses can I do SEO?

I can offer my SEO Services to any Business, with the following Exceptions:


Industries that I can't provide my SEO Services to
  • Companies that work in the same Industry Vertical / Country combination as a client I have already done SEO for.
  • Any business that is considered illegal or borderline legal in Malaysia (For example Gambling, Casino’s, “Adult” content, Cryptocurrency, Weapons etc.)


Content Managment Systems that I can do SEO for
  • I deliver excellent results for websites using WordPress, Shopify or Prestashop.
  • Unfortunately, I can’t help you with websites made with WIX, Weebly, SquareSpace, ‘Hard-coded’ HTML or any other “free” CMS.


Website Content Language that I can do SEO for
  • I can only help you with SEO on websites with English content.


I you just started a business and are short on cash I can't help you with my SEO services
  • If you just started your business and you’re short on Cash, I’m probably not the person that can do your SEO. You should consider using Google AdWords and social media to get you started.
  • Note: I always reserve a slot in my planning to help really interesting Startups with my SEO at a budget-friendly fee.